Raw Force

Raw Force

With over ninety years of combined tech experience, Raw Data’s team brings attention to detail and a deep understanding of websites, databases, custom applications, PCI Compliance, payment and credit card processing, and business automation.

Raw Force

S. Miller

Technical Program Manager

S. Miller works cross-functionally with stakeholders and engineering teams, developing technical requirements, systems analysis, and architecture. She manages implementations end-to-end.


C. Hartt

Software Engineer

C. Hartt’s code is easy to follow, keeps up with current standards, and most importantly, test & QA rarely turn up any serious issues, allowing a fast and smooth implementation process.


C. Lastovicka

Front-end Web Developer

C. Lastovicka builds our clients’ state-of-the-art responsive websites and shopping carts. Your roadblock is her playing field. A creative thinker delivering clean results built on solid foundations, their real job title should be “Digital Assassin.”


C. Tio

Sr. Project Manager

C. Tio defines strategy and tactics for new initiatives, refines business goals, and translates them into actionable requirements. This ensures that our tech team can easily deliver a tangible outcome matching or exceeding the original vision.


Our Work

People call us the software whisperers, talking to the ghost in the machine.



Before you dump your system or set up a new one, let us protect you from risk and ensure success. The trick is having the right strategy before following through on the plan.


One of our software apps was selected as an Apple Staff pick of the month. Another dotcom solution increased revenue from $1000 a month to over $30,000. If the app doesn’t already exist, let’s build it!


Webmasters are a flaky bunch, they tend to build and bail. We’ve taken over many a website that was either abandoned or unfinished or both. We can build them from the ground up too, and we tend to stick around.


Whether it’s an online store, a simple credit card payment or donation form, we’re very familiar with security and PCI Compliance, two areas that have become critical as hacks and breaches of sensitive data have become widespread. We’re specialists in secure online payment processing.


Workflow Process analysis, business and technical requirements, database development and data migration…let’s run the project. We’ll do the steps in the right order, and in so doing, limit cost, increase success, and reduce risk.


There’s many great software apps out there – which one is right for you? We’ll do the research and come up with the best fit.


We also offer great maintenance plans which can be key if your site or app is using open source software. If your app doesn’t get updated often, dark web folks will mess with it just to prove a point.