Featured Project: Compass Family Services

Raw Data assisted Compass Family Services, a San Francisco nonprofit helping homeless families, to prepare for a unified database to track their nine distinct programs offering services and shelter for homeless families. We performed workflow process analysis and system requirements initially. After Exponent Partners’ ECM package was selected for a Salesforce back-end, we continued to offer consulting advice and monitoring of the configuration process, to ensure that it met with Compass’s requirements. We also performed data migration from three legacy systems into Salesforce. We’re certified in Salesforce Administration.


“I have always admired you and look up to you as professionals. My experience working with you have been full of enrichment (and fun) during a time of expansion at Compass. You were always a guiding light, with so much wisdom, ethics and commitment. You are also great people, funny, generous, and just fabulous.” – Juan Ochoa, Compass Family Services

“You have a real gift for interpreting and applying need requirements.” – Dave Andrews, ADR

Compass - Raw Data consulting example

In the Interior Decorating world, they use the term traffic for all the work that goes into tracking each item on order, through the various processes of fabrication or alteration. For a few active clients at one time, storing traffic in your head is great, but it is not at all fine when your business takes off and you have 30-50 items per client to manage and deliver by deadline. We helped Ashfield Interior Design select a software app that allowed them  to pour all the traffic into the software app from their various brain repositories. So that they could concentrate on what they love best, design.

Progressive Motion PT - Raw Data consulting example

We helped Progressive Motion Physical Therapy replace his appointment system with one that had better customer service, was easier to use, and was a third of the cost of his current system. We also set him up with cheaper credit card processing and ensure that he understand and followed PCI Compliance guidelines. We also took over support of his website when his webmaster left him high and dry.

Parking Today - Raw Data consulting example

For over ten years Raw Data has provided back-end database support and website development for Parking Today, a trade magazine for the parking industry. In addition to providing new areas and functionality for their website, Raw Data developed an internal database in the cloud, that allowed them to track their CRM efforts with advertisers and trade show exhibitors.

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